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Classroom Program

At our academic centre, we provide after-school tuition classes for students of class 1 to class 10 with extra-curricular activities.

VARK Model

TMAC teaching approach is based on the VARK model i.e. Visual, Auditory, Reading/ Writing, and Kinesthetic which can benefit any kind of learner.

Daily Session Routine

In 2-hour of the session, students will get help with their school homework, tests and learn about their subject

Beginner Skills

During our session, we focus on the reading and writing skills of our students - initial qualities which are missed out on during school classes.

Instigate Students

We instigate our students to learn about any topic with an approach which will help students to improve their academic performance.

Self-Study Hour

We encourage students to read and learn through self-study which helps to develop their learning skills.

Feedback System

We conduct a weekly feedback system to review our classroom teaching and children's performance helping us to improve our teaching-learning environment

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